Trip to Kapenguria

Trip to Kapenguria

Trip to Kapenguria

Kapenguria is a city in Northern Thailand, bordering Laos and the Andaman Sea. It is the second largest city in Thailand, after Bangkok. It is also known as a beach town. Many tourists visit this place during their sojourn to Thailand. The most attractive thing about this city is its picturesque landscape. The beaches are among the best in the country.

You should make a trip to this wonderful place during your sojourn to Thailand. There are many options to visit here. These include boat trips on the River Mekong and other water sports like kayaking, scuba diving and snorkeling. Kayaks can be rented by the guests along with their portable toiletries. The trip to the Mekong starts from the northernmost point of Kapenguria city.

Another tourist attraction of this town is the Jet Suan Balut fishing facility. This facility enables tourists to catch a variety of fishes including lingcod, Marlin, mahi, tuna and wahoo. The journey to the fish farm takes about an hour. A trip to this lake is ideal for families as it provides a great place to spend time with children.

After having a good time in the lakes, you can head to the Southern Thai Border. At the border, you can find small Chinese settlements. This will enable you to learn more about the cultures of the people here. A trip to this area is worth it, especially for lovers of art and architecture. The town is quite famous for its temples.

A trip to the town of Chiang Mai is also a good option. This destination is very popular for its nightlife. It is reputed for having very beautiful ladies. Many travelers choose this destination as their holiday destination. There are many places to visit and enjoy a quiet evening with friends.

If you prefer to go by foot, you can follow the many trails in and around the city. However, if you prefer to travel in your car, make sure you rent a car at the airport or on the road. The cost of the trip to Kapenguria ranges from two hundred and fifty Baht to five hundred Baht. You can choose a suitable package from many travel agents and get ready to hit the open road.

The people of Kapenguria are very hospitable and warmhearted. Many foreigners work in the city and make it their home. The people speak a language that is understood all over the world. English is the main language. So, if you have some knowledge of English, you do not need any other language to communicate.

Another aspect to consider is the fact that there are no international hospitals in the town of Kapenguria. If you suffer from an illness, you must consult your doctor at the first possible indication. There are many wonderful things to see and do in this beautiful destination. So, make sure you take time out to enjoy yourself and feel at home. Make your journey safe and sound with the help of travel agencies such as Travel Asia.