Enjoy Your Trip to Ghafurov in Tajikistan

The name of the town in Tajikistan, near the capital city of Tashkent is Ghafurov. It is one of the ancient towns there. This city was built by Shah Jahan in the memory of his mother. The city was named after her. You will also find many beautiful historic structures in this town and so, you will have a wonderful time during your trip to Ghafurov.

Trip to Ghafurov

The Tajikistan tourism department has planned many trips for tourists from all over the world. If you want to enjoy your trip to Ghafurov, then you can hire a car service and then enjoy your tour at your own pace and choice. There are many good car services providers in town. You just have to enquire about the rates and book a vehicle on your own. You can enjoy your trip to Ghafurov and return smiling. The prices are quite low when compared to many other cities and so, it is a wise decision to go for a trip to Ghafurov.

The people of the town are friendly and warm; so, you will not face any trouble during your stay here. There are many places of interest and shopping here. If you are interested, then you can also take up a course of art, writing, photography or carpentry. Tajikistan is a good place for all those who are interested in adventure sports and so, you will find plenty of options here. You can go mountain climbing, trekking, paragliding, scuba diving, skiing, surfing, paragliding etc.

If you are looking to explore the history of the town, then you can also make a visit to the Pamir Palace and Old Town. The museum of history, architecture, paintings etc will fascinate you. There are many beautiful gardens and parks in the town. Apart from this, a major attraction of the city is a huge stadium which is used regularly for football matches and international tournaments. Tourists coming from different parts of the world come to this place to cheer for their team.

You can have a great time in the town enjoying its nightlife. There are many pubs and bars, which are available serving tasty food. You will also get to see many local performers entertaining the crowd. Some of the famous pubs and bars in the area include: Club Atahobasht, Club Barbadan, Club Khabarov, Club Bardi Baba, Club Kairatov, Barat Restaurant etc.

The journey from Shymkent to Ghafurov will take about three hours. You can start your journey from Shymkent railway station and take an indirect train to reach the town. After reaching the town, you can continue with your trip by travelling on a road. There are plenty of tourists who take up this adventure during their summer vacations. Hence it’s a good idea to book your trip to Ghafurov before traveling to the place.