Trip to Berat – Things to Do in Berat

If you are planning a trip to Albania, you can start your journey in Tirana where the capital city of the former Yugoslavia, Pristina is located. The prices in Tirana are lower than in any other place in the area which would include Sofia or Prishtovgrad. There is a bus service in Tirana, but the frequency of the buses available would be limited and so you would need an organized transportation from your hotel or from the airport to get you to everywhere.

Trip to Berat

When traveling to Tirana, you can have a comfortable journey by renting a taxi or a car. This will cost much less than the buses, even though the journey may take up to two and a half hours. Once you reach your hotel in Albania, there is a lot of room for exploring the surrounding area. In this part of the world, you can relax in an hotel like a villa with swimming pool and many other amenities. For entertainment, there are bars and nightclubs and you may want to spend your evenings at one of them, especially if you are a music lover.

If you are looking forward to do something interesting while in Tirana, you should consider doing the “Hiking Trip to Berat” which starts from the village of Gorica. From Gorica you can go to the highest point in the locality called the Gorica Peak. You will see a lot of mountain peaks rising up in front of your house at the Gorica peak, while enjoying the panoramic view of the countryside of Albania. There are also many hiking trails to be followed while on your hiking trip to Berat.

When you decide to hike the Gorica trail, you would recommend that you do this in the morning as the sunlight there is much stronger in the evening. In fact, it would be better if you could have breakfast before you start your hike as this will make things much easier for you. It would also be better to have some dry clothes to wear during the hike to Berat so that you would not have to carry any supplies with you on the way.

There is an ancient monument called the Urginal Museum in the city of Berat which attracts hundreds of tourists from around the world who take a stop over to this place just for a break from their hectic lives. To enjoy the sights of the former capital of the antigoni country, you may hire the services of one of the experienced tour guides of the town of Gorica to show you around the old parts of town, including the market square, the fortress and some of its monuments. The best way to get a glimpse of the impressive architecture and history of the town of Berat would be to catch a one full day bus or minibus that leaves from the town center. It would also be better if you could arrange for a tour to one of the key places in the city of Albania which would allow you to see some of the monuments which are still in perfect condition.

One of the places that you should definitely not miss on your trip to Berat is the Berat Castle. This amazing castle was one of the key defensive castles during the time of the Berber people. Although the walls have collapsed many times, but it is definitely worth seeing for yourself the amazing interior of the castle even though you may not get the chance to enter inside. Another place that you should definitely not miss on your hiking trip to Berat would be the desert oases that surround the town. The desert oases are filled with spring water, which would make for a perfect time for a refreshing dip or swimming.