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Travel to Dammam


A journey to Dammam is an ultimate experience that will add thrill and excitement to your travel in the holy Muslim nation. Located on the Iran- Syria border, Dammam is the gateway that brings a traveler to the world’s oldest civilizations. The city is known for its rich history and for its architectural marvels. There are four splendid mosques that can be found in Dammam, all of which have been built by the great Mughal Empire. The city also boasts of beautiful gardens, parks, and tourist spots. Dammam is a perfect place to get acquainted with the Muslim culture.


One of the most popular activities to do while in Dammam is to take a plunge into the holy Muslim bathhouses. This holy water bathing is believed to have many benefits, especially for those who are suffering from high blood pressure or diabetes. The ideal weather condition for this activity is the best time to visit Dammam – either winter or summer, as the average temperatures during summer months are a bit too hot for the liking of many people.


For those who wish to spend their holidays in a more relaxing and comfortable environment, they can opt to visit the smaller cities of Saadi and Jumeirah, which lie on either side of Dammam. Saadi is known for its moderate climate, while Jumeirah features a climate that is slightly cooler and drier. Although temperatures are higher than the average temperature during summer months, they remain moderate enough for tourists to enjoy. Tourists who enjoy trekking can go to Al-Gabel, which has a nice trail that leads towards Lake Naqaba. Other attractions in Dammam include the Dammam Museum, the Dammam Grand Mosque, the Dammam Printing Press, the Al-Wasiyeh Mosque, the Islamic Museum, and the Shariff Spice Importers & Exporters.


During the pleasant time between the two seasons of June and September, tourists can look forward to enjoying some activities in Dammam that are ideal for tourists. A visit to the National Archaeological Museum will allow you to see some of the oldest buildings in Dammam. In addition to this, you can also go to the murrain garden which is a picturesque landscape that includes water, gardens, trees, and bushes. It is located to the south of the old part of Dammam and offers an excellent view of the surrounding area.

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From mid-June to the end of September, it will be extremely hot and humid, and therefore you will need to avoid visiting this period if at all possible. Travel to Dammam in the warmer months, and you will find that the weather becomes very pleasant. Although there is generally not a lot of significant precipitation throughout the year, there may be a couple of days in early September when the temperature may reach the mid seventies, but it should not go much above that. If you are interested in visiting during these times, make sure you book your flights to Dammam soon.


The spring and summer season in Dammam are mostly dry and pleasant. Even in the months between late April and early June, there are not too many rains, and temperatures remain fairly consistent throughout the entire month. In the months of September and October, there will still be a small amount of rainfall, and temperatures may slightly rise but should never exceed forty degrees Celsius. Travel to Dammam is a lot more enjoyable during the pleasant season, which runs from early June to late September.